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Why We Are The Best

The Musina Intermodal Terminal (MIT) promotes and drives regional economic integration and growth.  Opened in 2017, this multi-customer facility, integrally linked with MIT’s Beitbridge Intermodal Terminal (BIT), aims to lower logistics costs through innovative and efficient transport solutions for a wide range of commodities.

Innovatively integrating supply chain solutions on the North South Corridor

MIT has strategically positioned itself to be the logistics solutions provider of choice for cargo owners and shippers who seek efficient and cost effective supply chains on the North South Corridor, from the DRC to Durban, and vice versa.  MIT provides a seamless, one stop solution for companies wishing to export their valuable commodities, or for those who import goods and commodities primarily through South Africa, on the North South Corridor.

Integrated offering to solve challenges at the Beitbridge Border Post

For our Customers who are logistics and transport operators, MIT offers a unique One-Stop Intermodal services and facilities for vehicles and drivers.  This service is a comprehensive offering and provides our Customers with the ability to provide their Customers with a more effective and efficient road transport solution.

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We deliver solutions by challenging the conventional and expanding the envelope.


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We adhere to responsible and ethical business. These values are grounded in the sound operational and governance foundations provided by experienced executives, who are in turn supported by a team of skilled logisticians and professionals. This dynamic team continually ‘re-imagines the world’ of logistics to develop the best solutions for our customers.








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The MIT offers a wide spectrum of logistics services for a range of products to be handled, stored, packaged, bagged, palletised, containerised, bonded and trans-shipped between the various modes of transport, including road, rail and air. The services are provided at fully equipped facilities strategically located in Musina and at Beitbridge.

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MIT has three operational private rail sidings with 2,5km of internal rail line, 6,500m2 covered warehouse and 200,000m2 total industrial property perfectly positioned for the operation of an Intermodal Logistics Hub.

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